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We welcome you to ReNewing Me Solutions, a place to where you can be free to explore yourself and those you love in a Peaceful, Tranquil and Safe environment. Understanding the stigma that often comes with mental health challenges, life stressors and Unbearable roadblocks, we have developed Natural Holistic Solutions combined with Clinical Approaches to assist with restoring your overall balance. It is our desire to supply our customers with a broad range of tools, strategies and skills that will equip & empower them to better resolve those day-to-day challenges that often prevents them from simply being able to smile, enjoy life and being their best self.

Our agency offers various services and programs to children/adolescents, adults, couples and families to include: Therapy/Counseling, Life-Coaching Enhancements plans & workshops, Professional Development Trainings, Mentoring, and as needed Case Management Services. We work hand in hand with our customers to define an outcome that enhances them both personally and professionally. It is our daily agenda to Be Friend, Coordinate and Connect with other providers, agencies, and surrounding communities to assure our customers have access to all the needed resource to reach their highest level of functioning and greatest potential.


***Services currently offered in Maryland & North Carolina
with South Carolina location coming soon***